Sabrina Ratté

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About the artist

Sabrina Ratté (Canada, 1982) is a Montreal based visual artist, mainly working in the field of video. Her work explores architectural environments and virtual landscapes generated by electronic signals and manipulated digitally.
Her practice is also inspired by the relationship between electronic music and the video image, and she often collaborates with musicians for single-channel pieces as well as in live settings.
Her work have been shown internationally in various forms and contexts, including live performances, installations, and screenings such as Paddles On! 1st Digital Art Auction at Phillips, EMPAC, Museum of the Moving Image, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Lampo, Sonic Acts Festival, Elektra Festival, MUTEK, in Montreal, Mexico City and Barcelona.
Her videos have been released on DVD by the San Francisco Label Root Strata and on the video label Undervolt & Co. She is part of the online collective Computers Club and she is represented by the Laffy Maffei Gallery in Paris.

Special mention in the book:

Igarza, Roberto. “Burbujas de Ocio: nuevas formas de consumo cultural”. Buenos Aires, La Cruija Ediciones, 2009.