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“Worldbuilding” is an activity typically associated with the creation of landscapes, spaces and universes in video games. However, it also can be and it is understood as the process of making up a coherent sense of place and time in narratives, stories, texts, and plays. It is a complex endeavour that combines several types of creativity at different levels of detail, complexity and temporality.


Artificial Intelligence techniques have been applied to several of the dimensions of world building. With the help of AI, narrative arcs have been articulated, character development has been set in motion, landscapes built, masses orchestrated, evolving adventures and roles in games sketched, interaction of characters with users in video games and between the characters themselves have been also been devised and implemented with the help of AI techniques. Also whole scripts for short films have been created with the help of AI, filmmaking can be seen as a way to create worlds too. 


Techniques from generative neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, deep learning, natural language generation and many more methods from AI can be seen applied in one way or another into several activities fully accepted as “worldbuilding” or contributing partially to it. 


AI techniques can be daunting to the non-technically minded. The requirements of creative practices are difficult for technical people to translate into operating tools and software. Fortunately, some individuals live simultaneously in these two worlds and successfully come up with both useful tools and powerful worlds.


It is time to share possibilities and challenge present practices and solutions. 


To this end, we propose an intense short workshop to show different results, open questions, criticizes present solutions and explore new possibilities. 


Through sharing, practicing and reflecting on what has happened. And what hasn’t but would be great if it could happen. 


We have devised a workshop addressed to practitioners of worldbuilding in the most ample definition of the term and also for interested people in the areas of video games, narratives (virtual, augmented or otherwise), script writing, video production, filmmaking, choreography, playwriting, gaming, role playing. Also for the general public. 



  • To share the state of the art of research and application of AI in World Building
  • To discuss the use of AI in World Building, its current achievements and shortcomings 
  • To spot and define new challenges for research and development
  • To showcase current and innovative applications of AI in World Building
  • To create a roadmap to guide the development of the works of the consortium and to contribute to them to the wider community around AI & Culture 
  • To communicate with a wider audience the possibilities and shortcomings of AI for Worldbuilding but also to collect their views, interests, suggestions and needs


Addressed to:

  • Members of the consortium 
  • Researchers/artists/practitioners/activists in the area of worldbuilding: video games, script writing, filming, animation, artists
  • The general public


Format:  hybrid (on location + online)

  • Invited presentations
  • Short presentations
  • Panel Discussions
  • Lab sessions
  • Performances

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