Espronceda collaborates with Fundació l’Olivar in Temples del Zenit VR Experience


In a remarkable fusion of art, technology, and culture, the Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture has helped Fundació l’Olivar to present a unique virtual reality (VR) experience in the “Temples of the Zenith” project. Spearheaded by the artistic vision of Enric Pladevall, this collaboration marks a new era in artistic exhibitions.

Artistic Vision: Temples of the Zenith

The concept of “Temples of the Zenith” stems from the idea of connecting with the celestial sphere directly above us. Inspired by poet Segimon Serrallonga’s use of the term ‘zenith’ and its representation of heavenly connections, artist Enric Pladevall embraced this concept to create a series of virtual temples. These temples represent a blend of primordial elements and spiritual reverence, drawing inspiration from various cultural and historical references like dolmens, Shinto shrines, and modern architectural marvels.



Espronceda’s Role in Bringing VR to Life

Espronceda’s expertise in VR technology played a crucial role in this project. Marc Galvez, the developer at Espronceda, dedicated his skills to developing high-quality VR content for the exhibition. Using Unity, a leading game development platform, Galvez ensured an immersive and visually stunning experience. His commitment to quality was evident in his decision to render the VR content in 8K, ensuring the finest details were captured with exceptional clarity. Furthermore, it was extended to post-production, where the artist worked on the cinematic aspects of the project.


Virtual Temples: A Journey Across Continents

“Temples of the Zenith” comprises seven virtual temples, each uniquely designed and situated in diverse environments across the globe. From the serene landscapes of Iceland to the mystical aura of Namibia, and the spiritual essence of Hokkaido’s shrine, these temples are a testament to the project’s global and cultural inclusivity. The exhibition extends beyond virtual reality, incorporating a variety of media, including 3D models, videos, and photographic images to offer a comprehensive experience.



August 2022 – January 2023: A Journey of Artistic and Technological Fusion

“Temples of the Zenith” is not just an exhibition; it’s a journey through art, culture, and technology, showcasing the possibilities when these worlds collide. We invite you to immerse yourself in this unique experience, where ancient spirituality meets modern technology, and where art transcends traditional boundaries.



Join us in celebrating this incredible collaboration between Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture and Fundació l’Olivar, and witness the marvel that is “Temples of the Zenith”.



Enric Pladevall

Enric Pladevall, born in 1951 in Vic, Barcelona, is a distinguished Catalan sculptor renowned for his public sculptures in various locations such as Korea, Barcelona, Vic, Manresa, Reus, El Prat del Llobregat, and Girona. Among his most notable works are “Androgyne Planet” in Atlanta, USA, and “The Tree of Life” in Barcelona’s Cosmocaixa. His works are part of prestigious collections and museums worldwide.

After a period of artistic development in Paris and New York during the 70s and 80s, Pladevall focused on producing public sculptures and international exhibitions. Approaching his 50s, he chose to step back from the conventional art market to focus on a more personal project: the Fundació l’Olivar in Ventalló. This space, formerly an olive grove, was transformed into a sculpture garden combining his residence, workshop, and a center for cultural activities, reflecting his vision of merging art with nature.





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