“VOICES”, 15th February @7PM

15th February @7PM



We are glad to invite to you to discover the exhibition entitled “Voices”, curated by Savina Tarsitano in cooperation with Victoria Tissot and Mohamed Benhadj towards the dialogue among International and local artists selected for the II edition.
With the exhibition “Voices” in the contest of the II Edition of the Cultural Diplomacy project, the artists selected from different nationalities reflect and dialogue on the two main questions of freedom of expression and the role of the refugees.
The project ideated by the artist Savina Tarsitano with Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture in partenrship with the German Consulate of Barcelona, under the label of ENCATC (European Network for Culture Policy and Culture Management, Brussels) in cooperation with the European Culture Parliament, Cittadellarte, Kids Guernica, the Embajada el Arte, and the Altiba gallery.
For the Second Edition, the central theme will be freedom of expression and the role of refugees. Particular attention will be given to those who cannot freely express their ideas, and the role of refugees in host societies.
The project will be centred on three pillars:
– Art: The role of artists and Arts in building new alliances and bridges
– Education: The importance to involve local community, refugees, immigrants and
children in the process to prevent peace
– Culture: the role of culture in the construction of new multicultural societies
Meet the artists:
More about Cultural diplomacy here.


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