Lenz a paso lento, by Christian Stefanovici & Juilan Wachendorf – 17/05 @ 20h

An exhibition by the German artists:
Christian Stefanovici & Julian Wachendorf.
curated by: Felix Land
“Hold on, stop. I won’t go outside. It’s not for me.
The color alone shows how (dreadful) it is – white, grey, blue. Simply cold.
The springtide flourishes the city. Life is created. People emerge again. Petals won’t fall lest butterflies are brought. Yes indeed. Spring has brought them along. Leave everything inside. You won’t need nothing. Since everything is here.”
In December 2017, the two artists Christian Stefanovici and Julian Wachendorf collaborated with Felix Land on the exhibition titled “LENZ – a paso lento”. The entire exhibition was developed on site at Espronceda. The German title is the poetic term for spring. It should be freely interpreted through the entire exhibition – from economic aspects to lapidary effects on the domestic life. The exhibition includes paintings, drawings and installations.


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