Act Utopia Lab 2nd edition

Act Utopia Lab following its mission to promote disruptive innovation done by inter-disciplinary teams, with art driven perspective, organize a day of amazing conferences and a workshop Ideathron.

The event is open to public, university students, researchers, entrepreneurs and artists. Tuesday 15th May, from 16h to 22h at Espronceda, Centre of Art and Culture, Barcelona.

Program of the event:

16h. Accreditation and documentation (welcoming drinks/ coffee)
16h30. Presentation of Act Utopia Lab and the attendees. Dr. Holger Sprengel and Sr. Alejandro Martín.
17h. Inaugural Conference: Liste Basel Art Fair. Contemporary Art Disruption. Ms. Jacqueline Ulhmann.
17h30. Artificial Intelligence, philosophy and values. Ms. Nardine Osman. IIIA. CSIC. UAB
18h. Presentation of Ideathron, Innovation from improvisation. by Alejandro Martín.
18h30. The Plants Sense. multi-disciplinary project. Dr. Maria Catellanos. Vertigo Prize.
19h.Being human at space. utopic project. Ms. Martine-Nicole Rojina.
19h30. Workshop Ideathtron. All the attendees to the conference.
20h. Final Conference: Venture Capital and Social startups. Mr. Christopher Pommering. Our Dream School.
20h30. Panel discussion with conclusions, all the attendees.
21h-22h. Networking Cocktail.

To reserve your place, please write us with a shot text talking about your interest to attend to:
RSVP mandatory. Thank you very much.

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visit Act Utopia Lab website for more information.


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