Output:TargetDisplay:Display01-VR Live Stream by Mohsen Hazrati

Mohsen will describe his experience of his art residency at Espronceda – Institute of Art & Culture- and of working together with a group of artists during the IMMENSIVA VR/AR Residence 2020.

After this first stage, the covid-19 lockdown in Spain obligated the artist to reschedule his return to Iran and Espronceda offered him a space in its residency instead, equipped with enough technology to keep developing researches and his artistic projects in Barcelona.

During the LIVE Show, he will also describe his virtual talk in IAM weekend 2020 RTTT project, which is about reflections and mirrors in the context of the Iranian literature and how RTT technique in 3D game engines could translate this concept into experiences. The live stream will be accessible through Facebook live feed.

Mohsen will also explore art game projects SOKHON , which is about speech. In this project, the player’s voice can alter the game process.

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