Survey Sea, curated by Valentina Casacchia 11/04 @19h

Thursday, 11/04/19

What according to many thinkers today is one of the greatest crises in modern Europe does not lie upon economic terms, rather on its difficult relationship with the past. The only place where the past can live is the present, and if the present no longer feels its past as alive we find it difficult to eventually move forward. Past and Present have more and more become categories of a horizontal flat imagery where social media celebrations of ordinary actions mix with violence, nonsense, dangerous politics, hate. 

As a small contribution to a wider reflection towards narration engaged in a long term discussion still ongoing, Bruno Marrapodi presents here a series of sketches coming from his series of “Sea painting”, where beaches and sea design a new symbolic vocabulary crossing different times and moods. The installation is conceived as palimpsest of drawings and projected original images.

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