Swab Espronceda Art Prize ; 2022 Artistic Residency Award

2022 Artistic Residency Award

Prize under the artist direction of Savina Tarsitano
curated by Maribel Navarro

Opening 05/10/2022 – 19:30h
Exhibition dates: 06/10 – 15/10


Featuring the winner artists:

Andrés Waissman (2019)
Santiago Paredes (2021)

We are pleased to present the 3th edition of the Swab – Espronceda Art Prize. The collaboration was born with the aim of creating alliances with galleries, art fairs and the art market. It also offers artists the possibility of experiencing an art residency in Barcelona, where they can enjoy a period of reflection and research. This collaboration with Swab is an example of Espronceda’s philosophy, which for years has led to the need to create alliances and new forms of collaboration between entities in the art world, as well as the need to support artists in their careers. The 2022 award officially opens with the presentation of the artists Andres Waissman —in collaboration with Gachi Pietro Gallery — and Santiago Paredes.

This year we officially inaugurate the presentation of the artists Andrés Waissman (winner of the first edition, postponed due to COVID) -in collaboration with Gachi Pietro Gallery – and Santiago Paredes (winner of the third edition), artist of Moria Galería. Exhibitions curated by Maribel Navarro.

Book Lauching:

Prior to the opening, on October 5 at 18:30h, the independent curator Alejandra Gatti will present the book Andrés Waissman 2010-2018that includes the production of the artist during these years as well as his biography. The work tells about the transformation of matter in the work of Waissman and its changes of state, and covers the most iconic series of the artist: Blanco & Negro, Emboscada and Encapotado.


More about the past editions of SWAB – Espronceda Art Prize here.

SWAB – Espronceda Catalogue 2020;2021


Exhibition opening and book launching – photos by Vitor Schietti




















Breakfast for Art Collector – photos by Alessia Gervasone


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