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Act Utopia Lab

In a global and changing world, creativity is key to developing new professions, products and forms of interaction.

Human knowledge in other times was holistic, but it became specialized with the industrial revolution.

Artists, scientists and technologists work in their different creative areas, but without constant communication and synergy.

The European Commission, in the Horizon 2020 program, STARTS, analyzes that these areas must interact in order to produce cross-cutting creative thinking and that scientific and technological developers, as well as artists, leave their areas of comfort and dare to undertake Ideas that are not common or initially too utopian and with them generate successful startups.

It is the contribution to this Utopia, which prompts Espronceda to launch “ACT UTOPIA LAB”, Art, Science and Technology, conferences, workshop, network and startup incubator.


Espronceda is one of the founding partners of ArtCosmos. The first edition was celebrated in ESPRONCEDA.

ArtCosmos is a platform dedicated to collaboration between artists, academics, and thought leaders at the intersection of Science and Contemporary Art. The first edition of ArtCosmos was held in ESPRONCEDA and represented 12 artists and invited 5 scientists, all with mutual links to the art and respectively science world. The second edition of ArtCosmos in New York City is held in honor of the 55th anniversary of the first human flight into space by Yuri Gagarin. The exhibition features a group of multidisciplinary artists creating new visual dialogues for humanity’s unwavering quest to explore deep space.

Artist in Residence TV

AIRTV is a project born in Barcelona, Spain, from the lack of video channels dedicated to the residencies of artists. The phenomenon of artists residencies is growing fast and worldwide, reducing the areas without such places.

AIRTV aims to map all those amazing creative spaces and present each of them with a video of introduction. It would greatly help artists, art lovers, but also the residencies to differentiate one from another. We do believe in the unique set of skills, people and services that residencies offer to promote art and culture, and the power of images to reach larger audiences.

The project also comes from a passion for traveling and an urge to meet and connect new cultures and people, new visions and opinions, new insights and lifestyles, as to have a good overview of the artist residence sector on the international scale.