Cultural Diplomacy and Art

Cultural Diplomacy – 1st Edition


Towards new Alliances in the world of Culture Diplomacy and Art, together artists, civil society practitioners, students, and young professionals from around the world to explore the role of art in societal transformation, before and after Covid-19, new models
of cooperation to improve our society and to implement in the best way the Agenda 2030 of the 17 Goals of the ONU.

Art can be instrumental in shaping the tone and nature of intercultural relations. It provides, on the one hand, a medium through which cultural heritage and identity can be experienced and interpreted. On the other hand, it can create a unique space for artists, audiences, and other stakeholders in cultural management to come together on a neutral platform. Nowadays, and after the pandemic is crucial to act all together to eliminate the gap created in our society among our city and villages, among populations and to create more solidarity in Europe and atthe International level. Culture and Art are the most powerful instruments to re-generate new model of collaboration and to open dialogue and to promote social justice.

Art and Culture play a very important role in the world of politics. The diplomacy sheltered by art and armed by culture can infiltrate societies and charm leaders. It reflects for countries, nations and people. Alliances cannot be forget without demonstrating awareness about the society one aims to connect with.

Peace and Solidarity in partnership with the Consulate General of Germany. An online and in presence artist residency started with International artist to deal all together on how to build a dialogue saying stop to any war and conflicts across the world.

The project is also in collaboration with the association: Embajada del Arte – Ukrain, de Barcelona, founded by Victoria Tissot.



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Voices – List of Artists





The project is divided in different events:

-Several workshop with ukrainian refugees, kids and families.



-Piano Concert with the artist Maryna Naydon, at the Reial Cercle Artistic



Dialogue Exhibition, presenting the artworks of the artists in residency.





Cultural Diplomacy – 2nd Edition



The following events happened as part of the project Cultural Diplomacy – 2nd Edition.


Rebirth-day 2023, 21st Dec, 12-19h

On the occasion of the closing of the international sustainability festival Drap-Art’23, and in conjunction with the Cultural Diplomacy project in partnership with the German Consulate in Barcelona, we invite you to celebrate with us on 21 December the Rebirth-Day promoted by Cittadellarte and Michelangelo Pistoletto, an annual event that sees the whole world united together to find solutions to safeguard our planet.



Concert de Musica per a Piano i Poesia – 12.12.2023

At the Reial Cercle Artistic we had the honour to present the Concert de Música per a Piano i Poesia, by the artists Maryna Naydon and Mila Rymar. An event in collacoration with Embajada del Arte d’Ucraina.



Kids Guernica & Third Paradise: Jornadas Dedicadas – Cultural Diplomacy, 08.12.2023 – 12.12.2023


The exhibitionof the large canvases of Kids Guernica inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso will be presented in collaboration with the project Terzo Paradiso by Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte. On this occasion, Cittadellarte’s project “Preventive Peace” will also be presented in different parts of the world with the participation of Barcelona thanks to the collaboration of Drap-Art, the artistic association Art Embassy of Ukraine, coordinated by Espronceda.




Salon of Espronceda, Talk with a Special Guest. – 27.11 @6pm

Talking with Tanja Grass, from Drap Art. Tanja Grass, graduated in German, English and Hispanic Philology, certified translator and interpreter. Founder and director of Drap-Art, she has help


ed spread the global movement of sustainable art created with reused materials. She is a cultural manager and curator of exhibitions. Drap-Art was born in 1995, in Barcelona, as a platform for artists who recover the concept of the objet trouvé and reflect it on their environment and its concerns.


Peace and Solidarity, together with Barcelona Past Up – 17.11.2023

Peace and Solidarity was carried out in collaboration with BCN Past Up Festival, bringing together people from all walks of life to explore the cultural and artistic values of the community, disseminating different forms of artistic expression.

Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture proposes to collaborate with the space of creation, integration with the community as well as providing an artistic residency for the winning artist, selected by our juries, where the artist will be able to develop his art living in the neighbourhood and in collaboration with the locals, ending the period of his residency with the exhibition of his art at the BCNUP festival.


“Voices”, curated by Savina Tarsitano in cooperation with Victoria Tissot and Mohamed Benhadj towards the dialogue among International and local artists selected for the II edition.
With the exhibition “Voices” in the contest of the II Edition of the Cultural Diplomacy project, the artists selected from different nationalities reflect and dialogue on the two main questions of freedom of expression and the role of the refugees. The project ideated by the artist Savina Tarsitano with Espronceda – Institute of Art & Culture in partenrship with the German Consulate of Barcelona, under the label of ENCATC (European Network for Culture Policy and Culture Managemet, Brussels) in cooperation with the European Culture Parliament, Cittadellarte, Kids Guernica, the Embajada el Arte, and the Altiba gallery.
For the Second Edition, the central theme will be freedom of expression and the role of refugees. Particular attention will be given to those who cannot freely express their ideas, and the role of refugees in host societies.
Meet the artists:
Cristina Pineda
Christiane von Enzberg
Juan Esteban Sandoval
Majd Alloush
Tolkyn Sakbayeva
Yohy Suárez
Artist director: Savina Tarsitano
Assistant to artist director: Kelly Haggerty


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