BIOWAVES, by Soliman Lopez. // NOV 7- 9 2023

BIOWAVES, by Soliman Lopez. // NOV 7- 9 2023


We are glad to collaborate with Solimán López in #biowaves presented for the first time at #puzzlex2023
For PUZZLE X 2023, the artist Solimán López and his Studio in collaboration with Dr. Zina Cinker, Cache DNA and Twist Bioscience, propose a new concept of human-nature heritage.
BIOWAVES aims to create a new human-nature repository of data.
A DNA genome, as large as the human one, document extracted from brain waves of brilliant minds.
This DNA contacting the information & and thoughts of PUZZLE X luminaries is then introduced into a recycled plastic from the Mediterranean Sea which will be used to create a vinyl music album where people can play the sounds of the marine mammals communicating. Both brain waves and frequencies together in a very special limited edition available after the event.
PUZZLE X: NOV 07-09 2023 |
9am – 7pm |
Where: Fira Barcelona Gran Via



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