CONVENCIÓN ANUAL NEB LAB 2023 – Ecosistema Cultura Sostenible

CONVENCIÓN ANUAL NEB LAB 2023 – Ecosistema Cultura Sostenible.

29 of June 2023

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10h30-11h00. Welcoming Guests

11h-11h10. Introducing NEB Lab – Sustainable Culture

11h15-11h30. Presentation of Sustainable Culture Ecosystem actions. Savina Tarsitano

11h30-12h00. Institutions that promote communities:

Fundació Catalunya Cultura, Fundació Epica.

12h-12h15. Coffee break.

12h15-13h. Institutions with social impact: Volungo,

13h-13h30 – Debate on New European Bauhaus. Among all the speakers attending.

13h30-14h30. Aperitif and networking. Visit of the exhibition Ecosystem of Sustainable Culture.



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