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Mataró, Barcelona, ​​June 2020.- This Saturday, June 27, the LAVS Festival will be held in Mataró, between 5.30 and 10 p.m., a pioneering multidisciplinary proposal whose common thread is the relationship between image, sound and new technologies. Experimental video, multimedia installations, virtual reality and electronic music go hand in hand in this event that will take place in the historic building of Can Palauet. One of the most innovative aspects of this festival is that it can be followed from anywhere in the world through the LAVS space within the Sansar virtual reality platform. In addition, on the web there will be video streaming broadcasts that can also be heard on, festival radio.

In the music section, from 6 pm you can enjoy the sound art of Scmute and the industrial sound of Noir Noir in a joint session. A few months ago they released a split that has led them to share this live show full of avant-garde sound. Then, the public will be able to discover LInalab, a sound project difficult to classify that is at the same time sound, noise, melody, song and silence. Afterwards, Catalina Productions will present an ethnic electronic that arises from the need of Oriol Albet to create instrumental music without filters or pretensions. The last session will be led by Soltyk, from producer Xevi Bruguera, also known as The V0id and part of techno duet Dirty & Harry. With his latest project, he explores the sounds closest to the electro style.

Throughout the day, which will start at 5:30 p.m., attendees will be able to enjoy an interesting and transgressive selection of audiovisual material: The experimental video Totes les finestres, by Òscar Fernandez (director) and Tatsumi & Masako (music), videoclips Memoria, from the latest album by Niet !, and Oso, single from Marc Nürel’s new album, El Bosque.

Impetu: idea, narrative and process is the ‘how it was made’ of the video clip Ímpetu, by Juan Cernadas & Feli Navarro (direction) and Voltereta (music), which can also be seen at LAVS. Vibbra will present the documentary clip Inmensiva about the Espronceda art institute in Barcelona. There will also be space for dance with interactive screenings by Hathor, and for the new audiovisual project by the experimental music band iou3R, La serp.

Ferscar Fernandez, professor of image and sound at the Santa Eulàlia Institute in Barcelona, ​​will hold a workshop on visual creation and endoscopic camera. In this short workshop, you will explain some techniques to create video projections using different elements with this camera. For its part, LAVS will present the design of its virtual reality space, which has been commissioned by the Catalan company VRNRG and the Post-Norm architecture studio in New York. Finally, visual artist Luca Saavedra will expose his interactive installation So i Llum, where he seeks to explore the visualization of sound and musical expression through the physical response of different materials, interacting with sound and light vibrations from different sources.

In short, the objective of LAVS is to offer a space to visual and sound creators in which to show their work. This first edition of the festival is presented as a reduced version of what will be its final format, which will take place in the spring of 2021 and will be located in the Old Mataró Prison, a building of pioneering architectural interest in the use of the panoptic system in Spain.

The LAVS Festival is organized by Israel Parra and Raül Sala, members of the Aiguamoll Música Cultural Association, and Marc Latorre, from the Vibbra production company, in close collaboration with the M | A | C, VRNRG, Tecnocampus, La Casa de la Música de Mataró and Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture.

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