Reconfiguraciones, by Andrea Siervo

This linear, organized and fragmented search suppresses, from their freedom, their own conventions, the contradiction between their own limits and the limits of the canvas degrades them to a mere organization: being chosen or decreed, the lines and their limits refuse what the artist expects of them. This contradiction creates a balance, which is articulated through play and the experimentation of the possibilities of reconfiguring always straight lines, in a possibility of being, without the need to always be contained in the same convention.

During the last decades, the search for intersections between different fields has leaned towards the focus of the relationship between the arts, life and man. The fact that the different fields of fine arts contain knowledge and skills that are also necessary in other sectors is increasingly recognized, the interdisciplinarity of languages ​​is imperative today.

 Our society is changing and the transformation of our society provides a space for new ideas and solutions. The spaces demand limits that allow metamorphosis: we live in times where the purposes are not destined for a single reality, but for multiple possibilities and alternatives that bring the artist closer to being interested in mutable realities that show the transformation of the line and his desire to transcend self-limits. Taxes, between bodies of work and sensibilities that are found in “Reconfigurations” with the breaking of the frame that delimits the space and represents life. Andrea shows a different creative process with the art disciplines, without the movement remaining static in the repetition but with an evolving search and open to new interpretations, where the work cannot be fixed in a conventional way, and becomes permeable to those attempts to express and reformulate the artist’s own limits and his practice, and which symbolizes the limits of man’s relationship with his space, between a static and dynamic architecture, between a spatial and temporal limit.

The walls of the immaterial and material space delimit, separate and at the same time bring into contact what is inside and outside any physical material object, it is a place of contact through which we capture meanings and information that can involve us with the different senses.

 The place and the environment where we live have an influence on how we are, but we hardly measure how far. It is believed that the place is something external that does not operate changes in our psyche and life, but the influence exists and is generated.

The artist’s objective with this project is to break symbollically the rigidity of the walls of our lives, so the works transform the limit into a flexible and diffuse element, softening borders in an ambiguous practice between art and architecture through the construction of communication membranes as a result of the articulation and weaving of different representative elements of the city, the environment and the community.

 RECONFIGURATIONS is situated in a journey of new meanings, which sets out to generate a new possible identity: a nomadic, movable and fragmented identity, where the whole is something more and different than the sum of its practices and of feeling, living.

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