In chronobiology, the german term Zeitgeber refers to any external influence that can act as a component on the biorhythm in a living being, synchronizing it with the environment. Among the most powerful Zeitgeber are light, ambient temperatures, noises and food consumption.

In this exhibition, the artist Jessica von Helmolt deals with external influences that affects living beings and their growth and behaviour. Her art is developed in the awareness of interaction between the experience of momentary situations and the impact of long-term environmental effects, leading to the formation of survival mechanisms and the continuous adaptation of the individual on his living space.

Attentive to the world that surrounds her, Jessica creates an organic universe which seems to be in a constant progress and evolution. Roots extends in all directions in search of nourishment and support, leaves grow everywhere and mysterious seed pods tell us about their hidden potential.

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More about the artist: Jessica von Helmolt


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