Convocatoria para Estudiantes de Universidades de Bellas Artes – 2021

CALL Residence for artists 2021
Call for Students of Fine Arts Universities

Deadline April 25, 2021

The scholarship for an artistic residency for students of academies and universities of fine arts was born from the idea of ​​Espronceda on the importance of the concept of collaboration to create new alliances between universities, art market, galleries and art centers. The pillars of the project are: freedom of expression, giving the student the space necessary to develop his own artistic language by challenging himself and opening the doors to the art world; the professionalism of being an artist, of dealing with the art world and the public and of creating a platform for dialogue.

Thanks to the experience carried out since 2015, and to the collaboration with RUFA – University of Fine Arts of Rome, with the Royal Art College of London, and later and especially thanks to the award created with the Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (now in its fourth edition), Espronceda has developed a space for creation and exchange for the new generations facing the art world. The project is open to the city of Barcelona, ​​to final year or master’s students, aware of the importance of including the local territory in an international and European dialogue. The ultimate goal of the project is not only to give students a chance, but also to build a platform between different universities to contribute to a better dialogue on best practices in contemporary art.

The project is under the direction of Savina Tarsitano, artist and co-founder of Espronceda.


Description of the residency program


The residencies include the use of a joint studio and a € 500 scholarship to cover material and production costs. These costs include: art materials of any kind, as determined by the artist, as well as invitation design and printing, communication and press release, and other related costs.


Study / workspace

A work area and a fully equipped workshop in our space in Barcelona.


Expectations towards the artist

There are no paid staff or cleaning staff, so the artist must take responsibility for ensuring that the workspace is kept clean and tidy for everyone who is there and for those who will come later. Residents may be asked to give lectures or presentations about their work to students or citizens.


Financial responsibility of the artist

The cost of transportation to and from Espronceda and any other personal expenses incurred during the scholarship period, including medical expenses, are the responsibility of the artist. It is recommended to take out private health insurance before the artist arrives.


Duration of residence

The residency lasts up to 5 weeks, including an open study and a final exhibition at the end of the residency. Espronceda staff will organize the exhibition while supporting the artist’s requirements and vision.


Supported disciplines and technical information

Artists from different disciplines (painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video and multimedia, etc.) can apply for the program.


Selection process

The evaluation criteria will take into account the following aspects:


> Relevance of the proposed theme in terms of its contemporary artistic setting

> The applicant’s previous experience and artistic merit,

> Applicant’s interest / ability to involve the local community in the development of their work.


Applications for the residency program will be evaluated by our committee of experts. All decisions are final.


Application information

Applications are made online only.


Application process: Send a ZIP file called Last Name_First Name_Espronceda-opencall to the following email: until March 25, 2021.


The ZIP file must contain:


CV and portfolio of the artist

Description of the art project (500 words maximum)

Artist statement (300 words maximum)


Throughout the art project we ask you to send a selection of up to 10 images in a ZIP file or downloadable through a non-expiring link and / or video links, if applicable.



Each image file must be titled as: Last Name_First Name_number. Example: Smith_John01.

Accepted file type: JPG files only

Maximum size: up to 1800 px

Image resolution: 72 DPI



Moving images (ie, time-based media, video, kinetic art, or performing art documentation) must be included in the IMAGE SCRIPT that accompanies your application as an expiring download link, whether provided for file hosting services like Dropbox or links to video sharing websites like YouTube or Vimeo. A video counts as an image, the duration does not matter. No video files of fixed illustrations or documentation of artistic processes will be seen.


IMPORTANT: Please be careful that all the necessary documents are included in your application. In their absence, the application will not be considered. Thank you!





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