JOURNEY OF LIGHT by Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art 19.02.2021 @6pm


We are happy to announce the exhibition that opens the year 2021 in ESPRONCEDA Institute of Art & Culture in collaboration with Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art


In opening the site-specific solo exhibition “JOURNEY OF LIGHT” of the artist Massimiliano Moro in Espronceda, the curator Mohamed Benhadj is welcoming everyone to come aboard for a journey in perception. Perception is essential to our capacity to respond to the present moment, to determine what is real and also what is possible—this experience re-defines and re-constructs the relationship of light and shadow to the spectator and existing structures. The viewer is propelled into a mode of reflection with the use of simple elements in their interaction with light, shadow, and the spectator, space, time, and movement.

“Journey of Light” takes the spectator through two stages, moving from the familiar into a space where the use of light as dynamic sculpture creates a transformative energy. Dark areas are giving way to precise illuminations, casting color and shape against the architecture of the gallery. Just as visitors begin to question and understand this new dimension, they are thrust into a heightened state of awareness upon entering the second space, where even bigger sculptures and more dynamic use of color, shadow, and shapes await. The viewer is liberated from trying to analyze and is free at last to simply see.

The familiar white minimalist space of the gallery is suddenly a dynamic atmosphere, where time and dimension have reminded us to look where we normally do not look, see without trying to understand, to be witness to the dialogue between light and the physical spaces we occupy.

Reality no longer manifests itself as a description of facts but as a reflection in which an experience is mirrored. Such a reflection can serve our deeper humanity in a world which reminds us each day of the perils of relying solely on what was once familiar.

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