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  • Andrea Siervo

    Andrea Siervo

    About the artist Caracas, Edo. Miranda 1988. She lives and works in Caracas. She is an architect, graduated from the...

  • Ann Mackowski

    Ann Mackowski

    About the artist Ann Mackowski is a London based visual artist.  Her work explores the relationship between culturally held...

  • Mohsen Hazrati

    Mohsen Hazrati

    About the artist Mohsen Hazrati was born in 1987 in Shiraz, Iran. I graduated with a BA in graphic...

  • Kris Pilcher

    Kris Pilcher

    About the artist I am an award-winning mixed reality artist who brings dreams to life through installations and digital...

  • Mr. Zen

    Mr. Zen

    About the artist Mr. Zen is a 41-year-old Thai artist who has been on this career path for more...

  • Bettina Katja Lange

    Bettina Katja Lange

    About the artist Bettina Katja Lange, is a german stage designer and video artist. Her art work ranges from...

  • Josecarlos Florez

    Josecarlos Florez

    About the artist  Josecarlos Florez is a peruvian new-media artist and independent researcher who lives and works in Barcelona....

  • Joan Soler-Adillon

    Joan Soler-Adillon

    About the artist Joan Soler-Adillon is an artist and associate professor at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), in Barcelona....

  • Shivani Hassard

    Shivani Hassard

    About the artist Shivani Hassard is a director & DOP for film and a PhD student at Queen Mary...

  • Clarice Hilton

    Clarice Hilton

    About the artist Clarice Hilton is a creative technologist working in immersive interactive experiences and a lecturer in Unity...

  • Lauren Moffatt

    Lauren Moffatt

    About the artist Lauren Moffatt is an Australian artist working between painting, performance and immersive technologies. Her works, often...

  • Chiara Passa

    Chiara Passa

    About the artist Chiara Passa, visual artist (Rome, 30 April 1973) working in media art since 1997. I am graduated...

  • Uwe Brunner

    Uwe Brunner

    About the artist Uwe Brunner is an architect, visual artist, and researcher. He studied at the Technical University in...

  • Cenk Güzelis

    Cenk Güzelis

    About the artist Cenk Güzelis is a Vienna based digital artist, filmmaker and master graduate in Art and Architecture...

  • Mirthe Blussé

    Mirthe Blussé

    About the artist www.mirtheblusse.com facebook: Mirthe Blussé instagram: mirtheblusse Mirthe Blussé graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in...

  • Nora Schmel

    Nora Schmel

     About the artist noribooks.com After completing her Fine Art postgraduate in Visual Arts at Camberwell College in London, the...

  • Marta Juvanteny

    Marta Juvanteny

    About the artist www.martajuvantenycolell.com facebook: martajuvantenycolell instagram: martajuvantenycolell Marta Juvanteny Colell (Barcelona, ​​April 26, 1981) is an artist and teacher at...

  • Mireia Cifuentes

    Mireia Cifuentes

    About the artist www.mireiacifuentes.com facebook: Mireia Cifuentes instagram: mireiacifuentes Mireia Cifuentes travels some years in Europe and Asia where she discovers...

  • Teresa Seguí

    Teresa Seguí

    About the artist www.binobart.wordpress.com facebook: Teresa Seguí Guinovart instagram: teresaseguiguinovart Fine Arts at University of Barcelona Arts  Oficis-Llotja Illustration. Escola...

  • Clara Rossy

    Clara Rossy

    About the artist www.clararossy.com facebook: Clara Rossy instagram: clara_rossy Clara Rossy Ramirez (Barcelona 1962) Multidisciplinary artist. She studied Mural Painting in...

  • Montse Artés

    Montse Artés

    About the artist www.montseartés.blogspot.com facebook: Ceràmica Montse Artés instagram: ceramicamontseartes She studied at the School of Arts La Llotja. She specializes...

  • Joan Sorolla

    Joan Sorolla

    About the artist www.joansorolla.cat instagram: joansorolla In the early 80s, he was a music graphic reporter, highlighting his work in...

  • Anna Bussot

    Anna Bussot

    About the artist www.annabussot.com instagram: anna_bussot facebook: Anna Bussot Anna Bussot was born in Barcelona in 1956. She studied at...

  • Siuro


    About the artist www.siuro.org/ 1976, Palma de Mallorca He lives and works in Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona From...

  • Paul Pretzer

    Paul Pretzer

      About the artist paulpretzer.com 1981  born in Paide 2002-2005  Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel 2005-2007  Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Dresden 2007-2009...

  • Julius Hofman

    Julius Hofman

    About the artist juliushofmann.de/ 1983 born in Göttingen (Germany) 2005-2011 Studies of Painting at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig 2007...

  • Marie Aly

    Marie Aly

      About the artist www.mariealy.com Lives and works in Berlin.

  • Philip Grözinger

    Philip Grözinger

    About the artist philipgroezinger.com 1972 in Braunschweig, DE Studied of Fine Arts at the Braunschweig University of Art. Lives...

  • Stefanie Gutheil

    Stefanie Gutheil

    About the artist stefaniegutheil.com/ Born 1980, Ravensburg, Germany Lives and works in Berlin. EDUCATION 2007 MFA, Universität der Künste,...

  • Katharina Arndt

    Katharina Arndt

    About the artist katharina-arndt.com Katharina Arndt lives and works as artist in Berlin. 1977 born in Oschatz/Germany 2000-2005 study...

  • Daniel Thurau

    Daniel Thurau

    About the artist eiland.org Daniel Thurau was born in Köthen/Anhalt in 1974 and lives and works in Berlin.

  • Jan Muche

    Jan Muche

    About the artist jan-muche.de/ 1975 Born in Herford, Ostwestfalen, NW (DE) 1992 – 1995 Apprenticeship as Lithographer 2001 –...

  • Andrey Klassen

    Andrey Klassen

    About the artist andreyklassen.com 1984 born in Irkutsk, RU 2001–2004 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art School Irkutsk, RU 2005–2010...

  • Elisa Pritzker

    Elisa Pritzker

    About the artist elisapritzker.com Pritzker exhibited at MoMA, Queens Museum, Skirball Museum, Akin Museum and Dorsky Museum in group...

  • Fritz Bornstück

    Fritz Bornstück

    Fritz Bornstück bornstueck.de Born 1982 in Weilburg, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin. Education: 2010-2012: De Ateliers, Rijksakademie Amsterdam,...

  • Raffael Lomas

    Raffael Lomas

    Raffael Lomas Autodidact Israeli Sculptor raffaellomas.net Traveled the world for seven years (1995-2002) with a giant screw investigating the notion of...

  • Tai Lomas

    Tai Lomas

    Tai Lomas tailomas.net Tai Lomas (Jerusalem, 1985), is an artist and photographer. Born in Jerusalem, Israel, he has lived...

  • Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell

    About the artist tomcampbellart.com Tom Campbell is a Scottish born, Cork based, artist. Tom is multi-disciplinary artist, who studied sculpture,...

  • Clara Lotta Dittmer

    Clara Lotta Dittmer

    About the artist claralottadittmer.com Clara Lotta Dittmer was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1992. Clara studied painting in Hamburg...

  • Manuel Canelles

    Manuel Canelles

    Manuel Canelles manuelfannicanelles.com Manuel Canelles works internationally as a director, theatre coach and visual artist moving among different expressive...

  • Netai Halup

    Netai Halup

    About the artist netaihalup.com Netai Halup was born in 1991, and grew up in Israel where he studied script...

  • Lara Torrance

    Lara Torrance

    About the artist laratorrance.com Lara Torrence British born artist and Bright New Things Times Square New York Finalist, Lara...

  • Jakob Kudsk Steensen

    Jakob Kudsk Steensen

    About the artist jakobsteensen.com Jakob Kudsk Steensen is a Danish artist and art director based in New York City....

  • Bianca Kennedy & The Swan Collective

    Bianca Kennedy & The Swan Collective

    About the artist biancakennedy.com felixkraus.com I am animals. I eat animals. This duality exists in Bianca Kennedy & The...

  • Juan Le Parc

    Juan Le Parc

    About the artist juanleparc.com In Meat Temple, the visitors explore an ancient temple composed of meats (chorizo, ham, mortadella...

  • Martín Eluchans

    Martín Eluchans

    About the artist martineluchans.com Live and work in Santiago. Bachelor of Visual Arts and Pedagogy in Arts of the...

  • Rocío Maldonado

    Rocío Maldonado

    About the artist rociomaldonado.com Rocío Maldonado (Pucallpa-Perú, 1977), of Peruvian and Swedish nationalities, She began her artistic training in...

  • Mercedes Roglá

    Mercedes Roglá

    About the artist mercedesrogla.com Born in Spain, Barcelona, ​​1980. In 2004 he obtained a degree in Fine Arts from...

  • Jennifer Ghormley

    Jennifer Ghormley

    About the artist jenniferghormley.com jengstudios.com Jennifer Ghormley is an independent artist who employs a variety of techniques in the...

  • Bruno Marrapodi

    Bruno Marrapodi

    About the artist brunomarrapodi.com Bruno Marrapodi (Milano,1982), lives and works in Milano. Graduated at the Institute of Design he...

  • Cecília Lima

    Cecília Lima

    Cecília Lima lives and works in Brasilia, Brazil. Student of the Institute of Arts of the University of Brasilia...

  • Gil Gelpi

    Gil Gelpi

    Gil Gelpi gilgelpi.com Inspired by philosophers Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guatarri and Spinoza’s concept of substance. Gil Gelpi interprets the...

  • Charlotte Flamand

    Charlotte Flamand

    About the Artist (1991- French) Charlotte Flamand ives and works in Brussels. She graduated in 2017 at l’Académie Des...

  • Leen Van Dommelen

    Leen Van Dommelen

    About the Artist  (1987- Belgium) lives and works in Brussels. She graduated in 2017 at l’Académie Des Beaux-Arts Brussels...

  • José Ignacio Díaz de Rábago

    José Ignacio Díaz de Rábago

    About the Artist http://www.rabagoarte.com José Ignacio Díaz from Rábago. Born in Madrid, Spain. He studied Hispanic Philology and Plastic...

  • Nil Nebot

    Nil Nebot

    http://nilnebot.com/ Nil Nebot Torrella was born in 1993, in the middle of the digital era.  Unlike his contemporaries, he...

  • Marta de los Pájaros

    Marta de los Pájaros

    About the artist martadelospajaros.com Her work stems from the synergies arisen by the Humanities-Arts pairing. She understands collage as...

  • Guilhem Senges

    Guilhem Senges

    About the Artist www.guilhemsenges.com Guilhem Senges is a French Sculptor and Photographer. His work explores the connections between both...

  • Maya Barsacq

    Maya Barsacq

    www.mayabarsacq.com Maya Barsacq is the founder and conductor of Cadenza. An ardent and dedicated advocate of classical music and...

  • Davide Gambino

    Davide Gambino

    www.davidegambino.net I am an italian award winning film director graduated at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – National Film School....

  • Mark Redden

    Mark Redden

    About the artist markredden.com Redden was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1979. He cut his teeth as an artist...

  • Vitor Schietti

    Vitor Schietti

    About the Artist schiettifotografia.com Vitor Schietti was born in Brasilia, Brazil, but feels like a citizen of the world....

  • Georg Pinteritsch

    Georg Pinteritsch

    About the Artist www.georgpinteritsch.com “In certain situations, out of a certain uneasiness, I kneed together fragments, scuffed from tickets...

  • Dalia Baassiri

    Dalia Baassiri

    About the Artist daliabaassiri.com Dalia Baassiri was born in 1981 in Lebanon, where she currently resides. In 2003 she...

  • Kaoru Shibuta

    Kaoru Shibuta

    About the Artist K. S. Born in 1980 in the countryside of Kyoto where he grew up. Besides his...

  • Mia Pearlman

    Mia Pearlman

    About the artist Since receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornell University in 1996, Mia Pearlman has exhibited...

  • Albert Marquès Borrell

    Albert Marquès Borrell

    About the artist Born in 1986, Albert Marques Borrell graduated in 2008 from the prestigious Conservatory of El Liceu in...

  • Judith Döker

    Judith Döker

    About the artist www.judith-doeker.de Judith Döker is an actress, author and photographer. Judith Döker first studied law, before deciding...

  • JAŠA


    About the artists JAŠA (Mrevlje-Pollak, 1978) is one of the most prolific and influential contemporary Slovenian visual artists and...

  • Bernat Barris

    Bernat Barris

    About the artist He graduated in Fine Arts in 2009 with a specialization in drawing. Excited by his ideas...

  • Leonora Pardo

    Leonora Pardo

    About the artist Leonora Pardo, Chilean sculptor, lives and works in Barcelona. Graduated from Finis Terrae University in Santiago...

  • Josep Ramon Guillén

    Josep Ramon Guillén

    About the artist Josep Ramon Guillén is an artist specialized in photography. Born in Barcelona in 1956, he has...

  • Nieves Diaz Lewis

    Nieves Diaz Lewis

    Sobre la artista http://www.blurb.com/b/3660760-my-art-mi-arte Nieves was born in Remates de Guane, in the province of Pinar del Rio, in...

  • Olga Jürgenson

    Olga Jürgenson

    About the artist “His secret Garden is not like mine.” Nancy Friday, ‘Men in Love’ The idea for this...

  • Christian Stefanovici

    Christian Stefanovici

    About the artist www.cristianstefanovici.de Born in 1982 in Timişoara, Christian lives and works in Cologne – while he is...

  • Julian Wachendorf

    Julian Wachendorf

    About the artist   He was born in Cologne in 1992 and now lives and works in Düsseldorf –...

  • Verónica Vázquez

    Verónica Vázquez

    About the Artist Born in 1970, in the Department of Treinta y Tres (Uruguay), Verónica Vázquez studied Drawing, Painting,...

  • Pol Gorezje

    Pol Gorezje

    About the Artist Pol Gorezje exhibits his paintings for the first time in Barcelona, in 2009. Since then, his...

  • Andrea Wilmsen

    Andrea Wilmsen

    About the artist http://www.andreawilmsen.com Andrea Wilmsen is a German photographer currently living in Berlin and Barcelona. After studying sociology she...

  • Melissa Godoy Nieto

    Melissa Godoy Nieto

    About the Artist Melissa Godoy Nieto is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Mexico. She’s been based in...

  • SWAY


    About the artist Mixed Media Artist for Scenographic Murals and Architectural Metamorphosis Jeanne Ricketts aka SWAY, reveals behind her...

  • Layla D’Angelo

    Layla D’Angelo

    After achieving celebrity with her project ONCE UPON A LIFE IN POLAROID, Layla D’Angelo radically changed course and now...

  • Gigi Piana

    Gigi Piana

    About the artist www.gigipiana.com Gigi Piana is a visual artist, he gained international experiences with installations, performance and video....

  • Fabian Vogler

    Fabian Vogler

    About the artist fabianvogler.de (Hamburg, 1977) is a bronze sculptor. He graduated as Magister Artium (Sculpture) at the Academy...

  • Avelino Sala’s

    Avelino Sala’s

    About the artist avelinosala.es (Gijón, 1972) work as an artist has led him to question cultural and social reality...

  • Martina Rogers

    Martina Rogers

    About the artist vimeo.com/martinarogers instagram.com/rogersmartina (Barcelona, 1988) Visual artist, graduated in Audiovisual Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona....

  • Roland Reiter

    Roland Reiter

    About the artist rolandreiter.com Roland Reiter was born in 1965 in Schladming (Austria) and studied sculpture at the University...

  • Parul Modha

    Parul Modha

    About the artist Parulmodha.com (Uganda, 1970). The experience of dislocation, displacement and the act of being forcefully uprooted has...

  • Carolin Liebl and Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler

    Carolin Liebl and Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler

    About the artist Radiate.fish (Alemania, 1989 y 1987) Dúo de artistas que colaboran desde 2012. Sus trabajos son a...

  • Felix Kraus

    Felix Kraus

    About the artist felixkraus.com Felix Kraus (*1986 – lives and works in Berlin and Munich) is the founder of...

  • Yao Cong

    Yao Cong

    About the artist yao-cong.com (China, 1992) makes the political personal, and unravels the in-between spaces of our private and...

  • Bianca Kennedy

    Bianca Kennedy

    About the artist biancakennedy.com Bianca Kennedy studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and completed her...

  • Eric Bocanegra

    Eric Bocanegra

    About the artist ericbocanegra.es (Ostersund, 1980). Born in Sweden, aged 18 months Eric Bocanegra moved to Barcelona with his...

  • Daniel Yacubovich

    Daniel Yacubovich

    About the artist Multidisciplinary artist. He studied painting, drawing and lithography at art academies in Tel Aviv; Studies of...

  • Pep Montoya

    Pep Montoya

    About the artist pepmontoya.com Montoya composes, that is: organizes geometries and objects in the abstract space, and the composition...

  • Albert Mestres

    Albert Mestres

    Albert Mestres 1960 Is a writer, translator and stage director. He has published the poetry books O nada (1991),...

  • Mireia de Juan

    Mireia de Juan

    About the artist Barcelona, 1987. Modus Tollendo Tollens (Mode that negates denies) refers to the formula of valid argument...

  • Lucia Royo

    Lucia Royo

    About the artist luciaroyo.com Tortosa, 1975. With my works I do not try to express an idea, at least...

  • Teresa Pera

    Teresa Pera

    About the artist teresapera.com Vilassar de Mar, 1983. Her most recent work investigates the poetic relationships that are established...

  • Juano Oritz

    Juano Oritz

    About the artist Juanoortiz.art Barcelona, 1987. Drawings that overlap narratively, as the most honest and close way to talk...

  • Hannah Berestizhevsky

    Hannah Berestizhevsky

    About the artist mofuta.com Born in Ukraine and raised in Israel, 1988A contemporary portrait of my family’s memory, based...

  • Yosman Botero

    Yosman Botero

    About the artist yosmanbotero.com Colombia, 1983. His last work, Derivas, reflects on the migrant’s condition in the face of...

  • Irene Bou

    Irene Bou

    About the artist irenebou.com Caracas, 1982. Her artistic practice consists of expression through the plasticity of materials. The topics...

  • Mònica Planes

    Mònica Planes

    About the artist monicaplanes.com Barcelona, 1992. Create objects that explain the experience of the spaces that inhabit. If narrating...

  • Àlex Palacín

    Àlex Palacín

    About the artist alexporfavor.wixsite.com   Barcelona, 1989. Is interested in the limits that words impose on our eyes when...

  • Valerio Muscella

    Valerio Muscella

    About the artist: Valerio Muscella Valerio Muscella (Rome, 1985) is a freelance photographer and documentarist. He is interested in...

  • Juan Esteban Sandoval

    Juan Esteban Sandoval

    About the artist: Juan Esteban Sandoval Juan Esteban Sandoval (1972) is an artist based between Colombia and Italy. He...

  • Mercedes Cucarella

    Mercedes Cucarella

    About the artist: Mercedes Cucarella “In my paintings I try to express the feeling of rage at this fear,...

  • Ingvar Björn

    Ingvar Björn

    About the artist: ingvarbjorn.com Ingvar Björn va ser el principal artista del Winter Light Festival de Reykjavík, on va recrear...

  • Zhuang Xueying

    Zhuang Xueying

    About the artist: Zhuang Xueying was born in 1994 in China. After attending an art school in Chine, she...

  • Sanja Milenkovic

    Sanja Milenkovic

    About the artist: sanjamilenkovic.com Sanja Milenkovic was born on 17 November in 1983, in Nis, Serbia. At the age...

  • Patricio Forrester

    Patricio Forrester

    About the artist: Patricio Forrester Born in Buenos Aires 1967 and began studying art at age 11. Moved to...

  • Gabriel Dubois

    Gabriel Dubois

    About the artist: gabrieldubois.com Gabriel Dubois es un artista de Vancouver, Canadá, que estudió en el Instituto Emily Carr...

  • Aili Schmeltz

    Aili Schmeltz

    About the artist: ailischmeltz.com Aili Schmeltz is a Los Angeles based artist that studied at UCLA, received a MFA from the...

  • Annita Kosmadaki

    Annita Kosmadaki

    About the artist: Annita Kosmadaki, Greek young artist, born in Athens in 1991. She lives and works in Brussels....

  • Emile Pierret

    Emile Pierret

    About the artist: www.emilepierret.com Emile Pierret is a Belgian sculptor and draftsman born in 1993. In 2016, he obtained...

  • Markus Haub

    Markus Haub

    About the artist: http://markushaub.com Markus Haub is born in Germany and studied Transportation Design at the Univerity of Applied...

  • Ryan Weideman

    Ryan Weideman

    About the artist: http://www.brucesilverstein.com/artists/ryan-weideman In 1980, Ryan Weideman cruised into New York City to become a street photographer. Having...

  • Lorenza Cullet Cruz

    Lorenza Cullet Cruz

    About the artist: Lorenza Cullet Cruz is a French-Colombian artist (1983), currently living and working in Belgium. She studied...

  • Rafael Lobo Blanco

    Rafael Lobo Blanco

    About the artist: Rafael Lobo Blanco (Huelva, 1975), native of Galaroza in the province of Huelva. Painter who carries...

  • Römer + Römer

    Römer + Römer

    About the artists: www.roemerandroemer.com Römer + Römer are a German-Russian artist couple living and working in Berlin. Since 1998 they...

  • Juan Saliquet

    Juan Saliquet

    About the artist: www.juansaliquetartworks.com Individual Exhibitions : Limlight, “Drawings” New York. 1996 / Molly Mc’Adams Mansion “Cuttings & Erasings”Madrid. 2000...

  • Eric Bocanegra

    Eric Bocanegra

    About the artist: www.ericbocanegra.com Born in Östersund, Sweden on 25 November 1980. Aged 18 months Eric Bocanegra moved to...

  • Mark Redden

    Mark Redden

    About the artist: www.markredden.com Mark Redden (born 1979, Dublin, Ireland) lives and works in Barcelona. After graduating in fine...

  • Johnny Fitzsimons

    Johnny Fitzsimons

    About the artist: www.johnnyfitzsimons.com Johnny Fitzsimons (born 1980, Dublin, Ireland) graduated from DLIADT with a BA honours degree in...

  • Ricardo Betancourt

    Ricardo Betancourt

    About the artist: www.ricardobetancourt.com Originally from Puerto Rico, Ricardo Betancourt began taking pictures in London in 1977 while attending...

  • Richard Hearns

    Richard Hearns

    About the artist: www.richardhearns.com Richard Hearns (born 1980, Beirut, Lebanon and raised in Dublin) is currently based in the...

  • Clara Claus

    Clara Claus

    About the artist: www.claraclaus.com Clara Claus is a French artist based in Brooklyn. She studied interior design at Duperre...

  • Savina Tarsitano

    Savina Tarsitano

    About the artist: www.savinatarsitano.com Savina Tarsitano, Italian visual artist, was born in Calabria. Her research hinges on the concept...

  • Morris Rosenzweig

    Morris Rosenzweig

    About the artist: http://www.morrisrosenzweig.com/bio.html Morris Rosenzweig was born October 1, 1952 in New Orleans, where he grew up among...

  • Sven Marquardt

    Sven Marquardt

    About the artist : http://marquardtfotografie.com Born 1962 in East Berlin, Sven Marquardt was a defining part of the emerging Punk,...

  • Evgeniy Stasenko

    Evgeniy Stasenko

    About the artist : http://stasenko.org Evgeniy Stasenko is a Russian artist (born in Budapest, 1958), who at present lives...

  • Grazia Amendola

    Grazia Amendola

      About the artist: http://www.graziaamendola.com Grazia Amendola (Salerno 1984) moved to Rome in 2004 and graduated in Decoration and...

  • Emmanuel Beyens

    Emmanuel Beyens

    About the artist: https://www.saatchiart.com/beyens Emmanuel Beyens is a French and Belgian artist born in Paris and living in Brussels....

  • Gavin Evans

    Gavin Evans

    About the artist: http://gavinevans.com Photographer Gavin Evans is renowned for his individual take on photography. His work has been...

  • Yao Cong

    Yao Cong

    About the artist: www.yao-cong.com Cong Yao (b. 1992) is Chinese born, based in London. Sensitive emotions have always been the...

  • Natalia Skobeeva

    Natalia Skobeeva

    About the artist: Natalia Skobeeva is Russian-born and based between London and Belgium. She creates work that crosses the borders...

  • Christophe Constantin
  • Giovanni Troilo
  • Lucía Pizzani
  • Victor Le
  • Josep Domínguez
  • Juan Cabrer
  • Narcís Díaz Pujol
  • Berto Martínez Tello
  • Marta Juvanteny
  • Sabrina Ratté
  • Jaanika Peerna
  • Ernesto Cánovas
  • Manuel O. Leyva
  • Remy Uno
  • Felix Kraus & Bianca Kennedy
  • Antonio Caro
  • Vasily Sad
  • Patricio Reig
  • Karmelo Bermejo
  • Igor Molochevski
  • Estefania Urrutia
  • Alexander Ponomarev
  • Tolkin Sakbayeva
  • Miguel Andres
  • Alba G. Corral
  • Andrei Andreev
  • Paul Pretzer
  • Felix Rodewaldt
  • Pascal Frament
  • Dana Venezia
  • Daniel Horowitz
  • Artem Mirolevich
  • Clelia Catalano
  • Gasper Jemec
  • Fabian Vogler
  • Naamah Berkovitz
  • Claudia Vitari
  • Tom Campbell
  • Elia Sabato
  • Andrea Luschi